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Is God dead, or an Alien? Can't Argue and win, no matter how sure you Are? This short paper will fix you up, and make you an argument Superman! Not really, but it will point out the weaknesses in your arguments, suggest a more open minded stance, and whimsically ask the sort of questions that we avoid like the plague! ˃˃˃ Win your next point, and get things done!

With Earth dying, can the human race survive in space? After 206 years, Jack may just be able to take the Praxis and its' crew home - home to Earth.

Those who have mastered shadow walking became gods, Odin, Zeus, Enlil, Brahma, and Kali were master shadow walkers. Rafe is a man who can walk between the worlds like a god. Far beyond the worlds of Man are places so incomprehensible they drive men mad. In this place which is neither dark nor light, where no rationality or order is possible, there are things that live beyond time and space, things that hunger for all things.

Do You have enough money to invest? This Book is for the people out there who think that there is no way that they can afford to invest in the stock market, let alone become knowledgeable enough about the process to actually come out ahead in the process.

Shall We sit here until something bad happens? Sooner or later, our world will become our grave, if we just sit here. I have become increasingly worried about Humanity's tendency to wait to act until disaster looms. When the flyswatter of doom strikes, it may not give enough notice to allow our survival. Just consider me the gadfly of the 'The Sky is Falling' scenario.

This book covers two types of activities. Part one will deal with places to park or pyramid your money, and Part Two will deal with several income streams that you should be able to use to your benefit.

Most non-psychopathic Americans do not want our world to be filled with the corpses of bullet-riddled persons. Most of us realize that there is an inherent trade-off of our liberty and freedom for a higher degree of security. It is disheartening to observe how easily people will throw away their independence and freedom for an illusion of security. For that is what it truly is, an illusion.

This is Stream of Thought Writing for You! There is a bit of poetry, and bit of crazy rambling, and a bit of philosophy in these few pages, to entertain you, and illuminate you, and possibly to infuriate you. How can you resist?

Do You Want to cure Your Depression? Your drugs will not end your depression, because depression is a result of how you think, not how your feel. If you want to lose your depression, you must lose the way you think about the world. In this book, we take you through how you became chronically depressed, and how you can learn to overcome it, by changing the things that you expect to happen to you.

Many people in this country will vote for one or the other of the two main parties, but have viewpoints that are more in the camp of a libertarian view.. If you believe that other people should be able to do what they want to as long as they do not hurt anyone, and you do not believe that you or anyone else has the right to tell them what to do, you are most likely a Libertarian!