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Pari Damani - p17snq9hv0lha22k1vaaopm1n515.jpg

from Three Rivers Deep -- book series

Three Rivers Deep

Underwater | Fashion | Photography

Astronoë is a Phoenician Goddess, called "the Mother of the Gods". She is likely a late version of the Goddess Ashtart or Astarte, who passed through Greek influence and was borrowed back by the Phoenicians under a new name in Hellenistic times. Astronoë, a Greek name, contains astron, "the stars", and in Latin Astronoë was called Coelesti, "the Heavenly One", which both recall the meaning of the name Astarte, "Star", referring to the planet Venus.

Stylish in crimson on the streets of New York, 1957. #vintage #fashion #1950s

I'm always worried my legs will look too long when I wear heels. This makes me think maybe not.

from Etsy

Sisters, 1900s.Digital Download, Instant Printable, Vintage Photo, Black & White, Historical Photo, Instant Download

If only us regular human beings could take shirts so artfully made and make them look as fashion-y as this photo does!! :)

Olga Zavershinskaya Very pretty model. However she is wearing the toy my cats play with, you know the tunnel they run through? Next.

An incredible photo of a dancer in action. Via SugarPie on Tumblr. #dance #art #photo