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Another example of our feather-stroke eyebrow. This client needed a little fill-in to complete the look.

A set by step brow routine by @elymarino using Dipbrow. Thank you gorgeous love this 1.Start by taking the spoolie side of the double sided brush #12 and comb through the brow hairs 2.Taking Dipbrow in "Ebony" with the same brush, line the bottom of the brow following your own natural shape! 3.For a more defined brow, line the top of the brow 4.Fill in the empty space with light strokes and in the direction of the hair! Stop about three quarters of the way in 5.With what is left on the…

Look at this Britt! One does not simply get that sexy in 5 seasons but everyone on Hetalia managed it.

WOILD UOU PPL STOP DOING THIS >>> what happened to Phil's eyebrows

It's funny, Thranduil never says he loves Legolas, he only tells him his mother loved him. But then you see his face after Legolas leaves and your just like, WHY DID YOU NOT SAY ANYTHING?!?! YOU COULD HAVE TOLD HIM YOU LOVED HIM BEFORE HE LEFT YOU! I THOUGHT YOU WERE SMARTER THEN THIS! WE NEED A TIME LORD TO TAKE US BACK SO YOU CAN SAY YOU LOVE HIIIMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

Today's before and after ! ❤️#lashes #lashartist #art #brankobabicacademy…

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17 Before-And-After Eyebrows That Will Make You Scream

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Temporary Rainbow Freckles : beauty fad

beauty fad - Faux freckles began to take off late 2015 and now the beauty fad has been given a colorful upgrade. It was only a matter of time before beauty love...