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Some of the many farm animals we will be having :)

Feeding Minis, Ponies, Draft Horses, Mules, and Donkeys

Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand. Mini Donkey foal!

Young donkey foal- title Baby donkey - by Peter Hendriks on 500px

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Tiny Donkey Lost His Mom, But Gained The Best New Home

Tiny Donkey Lost His Mom, But Gained The Best New Home More

Cowboy Dressage - The Poitou donkey is a breed of donkey originating in the Poitou region of France. It is one of the largest donkey breeds and was selected for size so that it could be used for the production of large working mules, in conjunction with the Poitevin horse breed. It is known for its distinctive coat, called a cadanette, which hangs in long, ungroomed cords. Breeders originally prized the coats highly, but today, many Poitou donkeys are shorn for hygienic reasons

90% of all donkey pics you take will look like this. "What is that? Is it a toy? Is it edible?"

Mary had a little . . . lamb? Goat? Baby something, it's fuzzy and cute.

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20 Perfect Pairs of Pets

Job owned 500 female donkeys. The oxen were plowing and the donkeys feeding besides them: the Sabeans raided them, took the animals away and killed the servants with swords. One messenger escaped to tell Job.