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Planetoid Pioneers, the single-player to multiple-player, independently-made video game is available on Steam for $40. Many game students watched Professor Ben Reichert on in April when Data Realms discussed their early access of Planetoid Pioneers on Steam. UAT supports indie games!

FREE Put a new twist on a classic game with social skills! Put a new twist on a classic game with these boards that will engage your students in conversation as they play! Boards are to be used with standard UNO (r) Mattel deck. Each color corresponds with different "getting to know you tasks." Engaging and age appropriate for secondary students. Download at:

We're working on a version of the Should I or Shouldn't I game for elementary school students ages 8-11! The middle school version is available now on

Each group had a cup filled with ten review questions based on what we've learned in math this year. The students worked together to solve the questions one at a time. If they got the right answer, they got to go place one of their sticky notes on the board. (Each team had their own color.) I only gave them four sticky notes total. If...

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Christmas Carol Bingo

Christmas Carol Bingo: GREAT game for Christmas time! Includes link to Spotify playlist so students can listen and find the carol on their card!

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#octoberfestsale I'm in Charge of My Worries! A Counseling Game (CBT)

A cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) game for small groups focused on anxiety…

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The M&M Game

This is a great first day/week activity for getting to know students, and they will love it because it involves candy! They randomly choose an M out of the bag, depending on the color they choose they will answer a question about themselves. If some students do not like chocolate you could use Skittles instead. 0642

a conversation game / roleplay for elementary to lower intermediate students. Practise simple present QUESTIONS and ANSWERS. Yesterday at 10:00 pm there was a robbery in the Bank in Central Lane. The police was called immediately to investigate the crime scene and found some evidence. It had snowed yesterday there were footprints on the ground in the snow... ask/answer questions about the personal information and take notes (What’s your name? What’s your job?

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All About Me Back to School SCOOT

Get to know your kiddos with this fun, movement-based activity! Students can become familiar with the game "Scoot" in an informal way. Students will get to answer a variety of questions related to going back to school, summer break, and general get-to-know-you type questions. Use these as a whole class game, or place in a center/workstation. There are 24 cards, recording sheets with boxes big enough to write, directions for how to play the game. Don't forget to follow me on TPT.

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whole brain teaching

My students use lots of different voices for vocal exploration, so this would be great.