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I was around sixteen years old when I first met #British #Trotskyist Bill Hunter, who recently died at the age of 95. Few words are adequate to describe such a phenomenal personality, who for all his life was committed to the cause for #Marxism and in whose life time, witnessed major global #events, from the second world war, to the fall of the #SovietUnion:

Rocky Marciano, 1953 - Photos - The 'Real life' Rocky

Rocky by technical knockout! Challenger Roland La Starza instinctively, but weakly raises his weary arms in defense as heavyweight champ Rocky Marciano cranks his right against his sitting-duck rival in the 11th round at Polo Grounds. Rocky clubbed La Starza into a helpless hulk, winning by a TKO in the 11th round.

General Władysław Sikorski, the C-in-C of the Polish Armed Forces, decorating Pilot Officer Jan Zumbach of the 303 Polish Fighter Squadron with the Cross of Valour (Krzyż Walecznych). Zumbach is being decorated for shooting down his eleventh enemy plane. Pilot Officer Witold Łokuciewski, on Zumbach's left, awaiting his turn to be decorated. Both airmen are holders of the Distinguished Flying Cross, which ribbons are visible on their uniforms. 1941-10-29

Найджъл Фарадж: Допускането на този нов наплив от имигранти е икономическа лудост

Roi Tov—Military Censor Releases Dimona Construction Images - A zealot, nothing can stop Israel's Military Censor,* not even that nonsense called law. In 2012, it even tried to censor CBS' 60 Minutes. One of its activities is suppression of information related to the Negev Nuclear Research Center in Dimona, home and heart to Israel's nuclear weapons program.

ISIS is calling for radicalized "lone wolves" in the United States to go to the homes of U.S. soldiers and "slaughter" military personnel.

Fmr. IDF Soldier Calls on Americans to Stand Up to Israel War Crimes | Published on Sep 15, 2014 Abby Martin speaks with Eran Efrati, a former IDF soldier who recounts his experience being ostracized for attempting to expose crimes he witnessed as a soldier.