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did this in Hawai'i for May Day program. I think i was in the fourth grade.

No remotes or 1000 channels to pick from, just 3.

When you actually had to answer the phone to find out who was calling.

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Vintage Washboard - Brass King

hand washed my clothes at age twelve at Gramas house after the washer broke. Was the kind of washer you ring out the water from the clothes buy ringing it thru the roller. Kau'i, Hawaii 1966.

Remember having to lay our heads down on our desks and rest? When you think about it now, it was just so funny!--"rest period"--usually after lunch. Gosh I forgot about this! We do do it at least till fourth grade.

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Vintage Telephone Stromberg Carlson 1940s

Just like the first one I remember having