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Next Exit - Lydo Elise Le - Photography

'90s Toys and Games for Girls.

The memories. "Puppy Surprise" is so hideous, yet we all wanted one. 55 Toys And Games That Will Make Girls Super Nostalgic

All of the amazing years of Pokemon! Here's to another great year and hopefully many more!!!

Game Successfully Saved... Continue?

Holly Hobbie-I totally loved my Holly Hobbie toy box and my Holly Hobbie bank.  I wanted to be Holly Hobbie.

Holly Hobbie -Loved all her greeting cards and book marks as well as note pads.

What would the '90s be without an overhead projector?

14 Tech Supplies That Made School Tolerable in the '90s

Tiny Size Gum: Just one of our favorite Halloween candies of the '90s!

11 Reasons It Was Sweet to Be a '90s Kid

Pin for Later: 11 Reasons It Was Sweet to Be a Kid Tiny Size Gum Chiclets Tiny Size Gum might not have tasted like much, but that didn't stop us from ripping into packet after brightly colored packet.

I always remember how I felt when I listened to whatever band the first time I heard it when I listen to it again

Oh the cherished memories my ♥ holds. Music for young lovers . I listen to the old romantic songs and close my eyes and can feel like I am home and in someones arms dancing. The songs had meaning, a lot of slow songs, a lot of romance.