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Ask the Expert: Hearing Loss After TBI

from Verywell

Communication May Be Difficult After Head Trauma

Communicating effectively requires numerous areas of the brain. These parts of the brain have to send and receive messages effectively.

The Dangers and Misunderstandings of a Second TBI

“Being the spouse of a TBI patient can be one of the world’s darkest places. You are not the injured, but you are the aching. Greg describes TBI as a fog. Being a TBI wife is like being a lighthouse — the best and brightest lighthouse I can muster.” She emphasized the need for personal self-care. “Without the caregiver, the patient is lost,” she stressed. “That means taking time for yourself.”

Apps for TBI and Combat Stress on the Way by MILIDROID on MARCH 25, 2011

Relearning critical thinking skills post TBI, this chart may help?