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Bruised, tied up and caged: The desperate plight of starving orangutans forced into villages to look for food as their rainforest home is destroyed

STOP BUYING PALM OIL. Rain forests cover 60 per cent of Indonesia, but orangutans - which means man of the forest - have seen their habitat cut down at an alarming rate, often to fuel the need for space to grow palm oil crops. Many adult orangutans are killed by farmers in Indonesia and Borneo to prevent them eating crops as their natural food disappears, leaving helpless orphans to die in the wild.


Pictures of the day: 13 April 2012

Mother love... Sumatran orangutan Cahaya cuddles her six-day-old male baby Malou at the zoo in Zurich, Switzerland Picture: EPA/ALESSANDRO DELLA BELLA

stop killing these animals. everytime you purchase a palm oil product you are supporting the decimation of these innocent helpless creatures

Please don't buy food products etc with palm oil. This is what happens. The expansion of oil palm plantations into high conservation value forests is recognised as a leading threat to critically endangered species including orangutans, elephants and tigers.

Ujil, whose rescue we had to reluctantly abandon the first time around due to aggression and threats of violence from his owner, is now safely in our care.

Help save orangutan habitat, this Halloween choose candy from these companies that are committed to using certified sustainable palm oil.