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"I find that people have really interesting things to say when you ask them what it means to be whatever their tribe is, and then when you ask them what it means to be an 'Indian,'" she said. "I'm fascinated by that."

adrian (@adrixn123)

Check out my profile on Wattpad, I'm adrian Aye its me umm ill be making stories on whatever I find interesting lol but hope you enjoy them! And lets be friends maybe? Xx

Whatever anger’s you controls you. Never be controlled. Just sit back and watch the #truth unfold.

You're the last grandchild to talk privately with your 120 year old grandmother on her deathbed. "Do you want the good news or the bad news?" she asks, knowing she will only have enough time to explain one secret or the other. > What if she told you only half of each though and you had to figure out the rest of each one for yourself.

I’m fond of the armor I drew on the ladies on my zine piece, so I need to find more excuses to draw them in it. Here’s the two resident female camp leader babes. They are an interesting exercise in...