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Why We Continue to Eat Even When We're No Longer Hungry. Some people overeat without really being aware of it. Instead of stopping when they're full, they keep eating past the point of satiety. Why is this so? According to one study, it has to do with the type of "cues" we use to decide when to stop eating. Find out more and discover simple ways to use these cues to your advantage.

What's the "sticking point" that keeps many people from losing weight. Is it eating a poor diet or lack of exercise?

Feeling Hungry All the Time? Here’s Why - Is hunger driving you to the refrigerator a bit too often? Uncontrolled hunger is one reason people overeat and gain weight. What can you do about it? Once you're sure you're eating enough, take a look at the composition of your diet.

How Weekends Can Make You Fat - Are weekends making it hard to control your weight? Weekends are a time when most people change their eating habits - and not for the better. Discover the pitfalls of weekend eating and easy strategies for avoiding weekend weight gain.

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7 Simple Steps to Clean Eating

Making that decision to clean eating? Pin for 7 Simple Steps to help make that transition

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Getting Your Kids To Eat Clean!

3 Interval Training Mistakes Most People Make. Interval training gives you better results in 20 minutes than you’ll get from an hour of steady-state cardio. Unfortunately, most people don’t get the full benefits. Here are three interval training mistakes many people make.