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#anti #smoking »✿❤ Mego❤✿«

@miitchplease: I wonder how James Dashner would describe me. Like woops there goes the shuckfaced, crank-faced scrawny little git that reeks of misfortune, mishaps and disappointment.

I am drawing me an my friend hugging my Friend who does want to be hugged

I have this its hella comfortable ~ that's not me it's another pinner 'cause I don't have that sweater and I fucking want one

It sucks. I hate when people just come up to my best friend an tell her how beautiful she is and that her eyes make them think of the ocean ect. And then they just give me a sideways glance and then walk away..

OKAY THIS LEGIT HAPPENED IN MATH CLASS LIKE 2 WEEKS AGO. So my math teacher was like "if Jane goes in One Direction..." AND LITERALLY EVERYONE IN MY MATH CLASS LOOKED AT ME AND WAS LIKE "NO, DONT YOU DARE, AND ECT." It was literally the best thing that happened to me ~Becca