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Root vegetables are colorful and tasty, with distinctive and earthy flavors. They also provide vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. When growing your own, keep in mind that many root vegetable seeds are sown in cool seasons, either early spring or later summer/early fall for a fall crop. To avoid buildup of pests and diseases in the garden, rotate your root vegetables by family.


How to grow sweet potatoes in your backyard. yum!

from Joybilee Farm

Grow a meyer lemon tree from seed

Grow a meyer lemon tree from seed - Joybilee Farm


Growing asparagus. Perennial vegetable = only plant once! Good companions: rhubarb, strawberry, horseradish.

from SF Gate

How to Kill Grubs in Vegetable Gardens

How to Kill Grubs in Vegetable Gardens | Home Guides | SF Gate

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How to Plant a Fall Veggie Garden

The close of summer is a great time to direct-seed fast growing varieties of vegetables in the garden. Lettuce, bok choy, spinach, radishes, arugula, turnips, peas, beets and carrots are just a few of the crops that grow well when days are shorter and temperatures are cooler. Here are some tips to help you enjoy fresh food past the summer season!

Ursela"s garden in Switzerland. Every space used to grow flowers and vegetable.

Alys Fowler, picks mint in her 18m x 6m back garden where she grows an amazing mixture of fruit, herbs, decorative and edible flowers and vegetables in packed borders. Aspirational gardening!


marigolds - grow in between vegetables to ward off pests. Flowers are edible too I think