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I still need to watch the second season. They dubbed it while airing it. Crazy. Guess that's a new thing. Anime is just getting more popular in the West. Also they may be trying to bring the hate down on the dubs maybe. Like I get that people like watching it in the original language of what it was meant to be. But others just like watching in their own language. No need to say "you're watching it wrong". No they're not. They get the same message no matter what language they watch it.

One of the three Black Waltzes of Final Fantasy 9. As annoying as these guys were to fight, they're still awesome!

Vince's human form. He's very charming, and sly, but he prefers his shadow form. He tends to keep near Vincent, and loves to cause trouble, when the time is right. He's really a nice guy though, and he has a crush on Nightwish.

I've known you all my life and never have I been able to show my real self to you. But now. Now I can, because I know you will always love me for who I am... More

Did a fan art based off one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE artists Skottieyoung.his page: [link] I saw his Spiderman image and was blown away. I dug it so much that I decided I had to try and do him in for fun.his image: [link]See what I mean