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A good mom has bad days & great days & normal days & overwhelming days & perfect days & trying days & supermom days & just being a mom days & a whole lot of love & real & crazy motherhood days. ~Rachel Martin (Original Words from my new book Brave Motherhood)


It’s only fair since I am a mom and being a mom is my first priority, the one thing that consumes my life entirely weighs all on my mind. I have been thinking, searching, and still don’…

Yes, she's just a mother. Which is sort of like looking at the sky and saying, "Hey, it's just the sun." -Matt Walsh

Mom and Daughter Art - Art for Moms - Inspirational Art for Women - Just Like You

I know this is true every day. Love this little girl more than the world. So blessed.

66 Positive Things You Should Be Saying to Your Child

Although it is important to teach a child to understand the importance of "no," it is as crucially important to build them up and bring positivity in their life.

Confessions of a Yelling Mom {now reformed} & How to Overcome

Are you a yelling mom? And it's not how you ever wanted it to be? Here's how I was able to overcome my bad habit of yelling at my kids....and how YOU CAN too. ~ Club31Women

To all the mamas who are having hard days

To all the mamas who are having hard days... - Ripped Jeans & Bifocals

11 Bible Verses For The Exhausted Mama

11 Bible Verses For The Exhausted Mama: encouraging scriptures for any mom dealing with the stress and exhaustion from parenting and everyday life.

Personal Wellness: Caring for Your Self

Is this your answer when someone asks you what your hobbies are as a mom? If so, it may be time to consider your own personal wellness and make time for self-care. Read this post to get some ideas on how to incorporate self care into your life as a mom.