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Holi festival
When Holi first began, certain colors had meaning. Red-Purity, Green-Vitality, Yellow- Pious feeling, Blue- calmness and sedateness. But as time went on, more colors are involved, but have less of a meaning to certain people.
My teacher at UT Elementary celebrate Holy with her classroom and I desperately want to share this celebration with my future students as well. The celebration could be held as a phase 2 or 3. The project could be about India what its like there, why are there all these colors being thrown on people what this celebration means and why people in America should celebrate as well.
Holi Festival in India
#Holifestival #India #Jaipur quello che non ti aspetti...
Holi Festival of Colours, India
Holi Festival, India – A Hindu spring tradition where people throw brightly colored, perfumed powder at one another in celebration of spring! – I'm so gonna be a part of this one day!