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Nudibranch - Fiery Sea Slug [Flabellina goddardi] laid a lacy egg mass which then hatched into tiny babies. The egg mass is formed that way so that each baby is capable of receiving enough oxygen.

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Baby slipper lobster. The larval stage of most crabs and lobsters look nothing like their adult stage!

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Giant, mysterious jellyfish found on Australian beach; 'We're curious to know more about it'

Giant, mysterious jellyfish found on Australian beach; photo is courtesy of Josie Lim The ocean is full of surprises, and a great big, gooey surprise washed ashore recently in Australia, and turned out to be a species of jellyfish yet to be scientifically classified. The giant, mysterious jellyfish, about five feet in diameter, was discovered on a beach in Tasmania by Josie Lim and her family.