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Prometheus aka Tammuz, aka Lucifer (fallen angels and their offspring) in the Rockefeller Center on December 25 (Christmas), his birthday - the winter solstice

Your heart broken and aching, your mind torn and crying. My dear why must you endure it, take my hand. Take my hand and let me take you away, away from the scorn and pain. Let me hold you and make you fell as special as I know you are.

I’m a little short on money so I’m doing a self promo of my artworks on REDBUBBLE. Most of my art is available as prints, cards, phone cases, pillows and more! If you want to help me out or if you’re...

How I feel daily, spatted on the ground that is life and my wings I tried to use to pull everyone up were spent and burned leaving me laying in the ashes that were the hope and caring they just burned up!!;-€