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Computer components can look cool too…

That's awesome

Op Amp ‪#‎InstrumentationAmplifier‬ circuit is a type of ‪#‎DifferentialAmplifier‬ that has been outfitted with input buffer amplifiers.

Vintage audio vacuum tube RCA 3B25

from The Family Handyman

How to Increase Internet Speed

Supplement wireless computer systems with wired connections where ever possible to boost speed and performance. Running the wires is usually easy and inexpensive.

Western Electric 300B. The most over-hyped audio tube. Originally designed for reliability in telephone modulation circuits, it was used briefly in early movie sound amplifiers (1920s). Audiophiles somehow think it sounds superb. Stereo telephone, anyone?

Yes, I have this memorized. Welcome to my cheat sheet.

from The Family Handyman

How to Repair the TV Remote

Most of the time you can fix your TV remote yourself with a simple repair kit and avoid the high cost of a replacement.

from The Family Handyman

Stripping Wire

Learn special tools and techniques for stripping any kind of wire. Different types of electrical cable and cords, coaxial cable, communication wires and thin phone and bell wire are all covered.

from Etsy

Matryoshka russian dolls, appropriation of 3 vintage vacuum tubes

vacuum tubes