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C1 +6 Exposure -3 Contrast +1 Saturation +1 Tint -2 ····· This filter look best pink,green,white tones or anything.If you want it more pink tones just turn the tint to +2 (tint -2 will gave out the green tones),avoid dark pic and that the colour that didn't match with your pic#vogufilter . ···· Filter requests by @tikkakata

pale desaturated filter ; works well with all pics | theming: 9/10 requested by @hellawkay hope you like qotp: what type of hair do you have? — DM @PAULINEFACTOR FOR PAID FILTERS FREE

VSCOCAM Filter: Hb2|Exposure: +1|Contrast: +1|Saturation: +1|Temperature: +1 This filter is really good for a feed! And everyone love hb2! #vsco#vscocam#vscofilter

1- Your favorite female YouTuber. A. Alex Dorame. Channels- Alex Dorame and My Digital Escape

Instagram photo by filters.vsco - ☀️☀️☀️ SUMMER FILTER ☀️☀️☀️ This makes pictures super saturated and warm so it's perfect for a summer theme.

Instagram media by filter.queen_ - ✨ warm filter ✨ - looks best with: everything! - her hair is

Hair Study by Brittany Schall. This is brilliant. The time it must have taken is inconceivable. But it shows.

#Q5filterss – dark indigo filter – best used on: anything! – comment some good songs