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An important part of mindfulness is showing up to the present moment, exactly as it is.

"What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is observing your life as it is happening, accepting your current situation without judgement or struggle, allowing feelings to exist without letting them drive your actions, noticing thoughts as they arise wihtout the need to buy into them, taking actions based on what you feel in your heart rather than old habits or short term convenience."

Happiness is a result not an action. When one is aware, awake and mindful, one says about work: Thank God It's Monday. And when it comes to the seasons, I listen to the Byrds: Turn, Turn, Turn. Ozzie MIndfulness.com

Seven Steps To Mindful Work. Start creating a more present, content and captivating workspace with these seven steps to working mindfully. Mindfullness, meditation, healthy, happy, inspiration, calm, ideas for workspace, serentiy, zen, love, peace, motivation.

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