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alexcopeman: A commission of Sam, for @snappingsound, from their Danny Phantom horror AU!! Thank you so much for commissioning me, she was so fun to draw !!  Dope! :))

Commission for @ledacreates I had soooo much fun with this one!! This is their absolutely wonderful DP horror AU @snappingsound (which i’m really excited for!!)

chaiannie: @leda-x‘s fic @snappingsound  is is honestly the right balance of horror and mystery for me and its been SO pleasant to read i’m just so sad it took me until now to find out about it! than you so much for writing something so wonderful! i’ll probably end up drawing more stuff for it// (check out the original sketch!) EE! This is so textural and moody, which totally fits the vibe of the story, like, whoah thank you so much for drawing something so wonderful. >___< I’m just...