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This Is Not Bad At All

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Someone Is Horribly Failing At City Planning

J’ai pavé le trottoir comme vous me l’aviez demandé, mais je veux être payé double parce qu’il y avait quelques arbres au milieu et ça m’a pris bien plus de temps que prévu. | 18 personnes qui sont payées pour faire des choses bien précises


Calvin Is Wise

Mom: “Life could be worse, Calvin.” Calvin: “Life could be a lot better, too!” — I was thinking the same thing! | Hobbes Deep #CalvinandHobbes #philosophy #funny #optomism

I didn't have them as a kid. Do they make grown-up ones?

Probably true for most! Hindsight...

Previous post comment made me laugh, "I would kick the shit out of that thing before I even realized it was a mask"