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This week alone: 10 reasons Hillary Clinton will win

I've been called many things by many people. Quitter is not one. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Democrat's are lining up behind Hillary Clinton! President Obama: "I'm with her!" Michelle Obama: "I'm with her!" Elizabeth Warren: "I'm with her!" Bernie Sanders: "I am proud to stand with her!"

It will be a joy watching her crush whatever bat-shit crazy candidate the right comes up with.

Immunity for cooperating with the FBI!? How convenient for Hillary and her Minions.

Of course, I'M WITH HER1 Democrats for Hillary Clinton's photo.

Stop the insanity! Apparently the Hate-It-No-Matter-What Collective doesn't have any graphic designers among them. One simple call to the Helvetica Hotline would have saved this lying eyesore, perhaps made it believable in a Karl Rove kind of way... More

I cant take it no more...i feel much pain, i just want to start over :'(

Don't LISTEN to the GOP/TRUMP LIES!! Hillary is Ready! I'm with HER

Another Reason why I'm with HER