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I am enrolled into CCBC because it is cheaper, closer to home, and I can pace myself.

Placemaking as a New Environmentalism: Reinvigorating the Environmental Movement in the 21st Century - Project for Public Spaces

The Undeserving Rich

The Undeserving Rich~The reality of rising American inequality is stark. Since the late 1970s real wages for the bottom half of the work force have stagnated or fallen, while the incomes of the top 1% have nearly quadrupled (and the incomes of the top 0.1% have risen even more). American capitalism as currently constituted is undermining the foundations of middle-class society — shouldn’t be up for argument.

10 Things You Shouldn’t Buy on Black Friday (And When to Buy Them Instead)

Just because something’s on sale on Black Friday doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Here are 10 items you should avoid -- and when to buy them instead.