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The law of attraction relationships is a system of beliefs that encourages positive thoughts in order to create positive results.

In order for a marriage to be successful, both partners must submit to the roles God ordained for them. Submission is a simple plan, but it demands patience and it requires the Holy Spirit. #relationships, #advice, #christian, #encouragement, #marriage, #instructions, #tips, #hacks, #love

How to Live Happily "Every Other Day" After By Karen Salmansohn ~ Read more: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-to-Live-Happily-Every-Other-Day-After##ixzz22aalXinG

Success can vary according to the individual. It can be measured in relationships, love, money, career, purpose, spirit, attitude and the list goes on. There are some simple qualities you can take onboard to excel in all of the above.

"4 Aspects 4 A Lasting Relationship: Part 1" Relationships entail much more than two characteristics or a simple 3-step plan for marital success. Part 1 in our series from Nate Stevens. www.singlematters.com

The Sun, The Cat People Tarot 9/8/13 Satisfaction. Accomplishment. Contentment. Success. Favorable social relationships. Love. Joy. Devotion. Unselfish sentiment. Engagement. A happy marriage. Earthly happiness. The contentment derived from extending oneself toward another human being. A good friend. High spirits. Warmth. Sincerity. The rewards of a new friendship. Pleasure derived from simple things. Liberation.

Married Couple Fighting Every couple wishes to be delighted in their relationship. Regrettably not everybody is and the purpose on why they are not delighted is placed on the wrong areas hence creating more unhappiness. Here are 9 ideas from pleased and successful couples from around the world. These simple relationship ideas allow any couple to improve their joy quickly and effectively starting tonight. The long term happiness and fulfillment you feel in your relationship starts with you…

Tony Robbin- Where focus goes, energy flows The questions you ask consistently will create either enervation or enjoyment, indignation or inspiration, misery or magic. Ask the questions that will uplift your spirit and push you along the path of human excellence. http://tonyr.co/1BdVOM4

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