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Daily Alpeh-Bet:Shin

Hebrew Letter Tzadi | shin.png

Ref/ hebrew language, "Tsadi. Learn more Hebrew at:"

Ayin = to see, know, experience, comprehend. Also, the eye is used to bring purity, cleansing and healing to grief. Pronounced more like English words: eye in.

Attribute--Adonai Avinu (The LORD Our Father as shown here), but is really *Yahwhey our Father*--look at the Hebrew letters, right to left! He gave us His name so we could use it to call upon Him, not to be afraid to use it.

I Love Israel Free resources to learn Hebrew:

Follow The Scriptures The Hebrew word Torah means Law it is commonly known as the first five books of the bible.Study these books if you will .Christ commanded it not do away understand this.

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