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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 20 Pics

haha omg I love whenever I remember this it's just the best

Ninja. -Daddy..Look... I’m a ninja! -Nice Colin -I can climb all the way up here by myself. -Can you get down by yourself too? -..... -Colin? -Daddy..? Help?? -Are you going to take a shower without complaining ? -DADDY.....!!! My son loves climbing in between door frames. #pascalcampion

Or, preferably, avoid the crowd comepletely.

Furthermore I'm pretty sure all the Cypher titles are ALL in English too 😂 BlankTae XD

"Some could say the same about you. I've been waiting 5 years to make that joke" - Pure Felicity and Oliver #Arrow

I watched this broadcast like 3 times and I still don't know why

All the days of his life aboard the Enterprise HAHAHA

And THIS is one of the many reasons I love them one of the very, very many