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“My hair tho! I'm usually never satisfied but I love my hair "if I do say so myself" bout to hit an early "grown folks" concert then later "the ratchet"…”

Having (natural) red hair makes you deaf to what people say and call you and teaches you to be yourself no matter what anyone else thinks! So thank you to all who called me "carrot top" and a "soul eating ginger" and what ever else. You've built my confidence.

from Wattpad

Thorin x Reader - Sick Thorin x (dwarf) reader

Bad, bad move Thorin. Thranduil is not gonna like that. At all. " thorin would be better off if he shut his pretty mouth and stop contradicting himself or making bad decisions every five minutes" this has gotta be in the EE of DOS. -- just love watching Thorin practice with his sword. Especially with that majestic hair swing ... ;)