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When you ask, it is given. It is a vibrating reality which is given immediately. We want you to feel good. Once that vibrational reality exists... you can bring it into full realization where you can see it, and feel it, and taste it, and touch it. We want you to understand you were thought into being. Once you become a deliberate projector of your own thought, then you are a deliberate creator. *Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ2265) #thought #creator #estherhicks #workshop

Your work is to go forth into this physical environment looking for things that are a vibrational match to joy, connecting to Source Energy, and then following with the inspired action. *Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ1409)

Hold your vibration & watch what the Universe reveals to you. Watch what is whispered to you in the wind. Watch the sequence of circumstances and events that line up for you. Watch the blessings that flow that no one would understand but you... (For more text click twice then.. See more) Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ2494) #universe #vibration