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To make fortune teller: cut out a square of paper. Fold it in half. Unfold. Fold it in half the other way. Unfold. Use as guidelines to fold the corners to the center. Flip the paper over. Then fold corners in again. Flip over and put your fingers in the finger things. Write fortunes, numbers, and colors on the fortune teller.

Homemade Play Dough with Glitter

Homemade Play Dough, Glitter Play Dough, Kids Activities

Campfire made from spray painted swim noodles then hot glued together. Flames are made from foam sheets cut flat into flames, then rolled into a tube and hot glued to stay in tube shape giving it a random flame look

think I can make one...hmmm....good time filler

Save on a roll of our black Oriental corrugated border for your Asian party or event.

Cave Quest VBS Frugal Crafts - Glow Bracelets -

Origami Penguin is a 3D model that can stand on its own once complete. There are no cuts in making this origami model and it can easily be made.