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Design by Vík Prjónsdóttir whose products are all made from Icelandic wool and are inspired by local myths and stories – past and present. (found in

Recent study shows that pit bulls score higher than golden retrievers on temperament test scoring 121

O wants to name a child Abraham Lincoln. I told him perhaps he could have a pet named that. I suppose BT will need a friend and if we trained a hedgehog to type, he'd be worthy of the name Abe

Monroe is an adoptable Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Dog in Crescent, OK. Monroe is a sweet and loving boy. He is good with other dogs and we believe he would be good with children. He does like to chase...Please click on pic for additional info on this fur baby

Douglas is a young bear looking for a hug. But each time he thinks he's found that very special feeling, it turns out to be a false alarm. The big rock he hugs is tooOOF! Heavy. The tall tree he hugs is tooOUCH! Splintery. And the cozy looking bush he hugs quivers and trembles and then runs away! Poor Hugless Douglas. Won't anyone give him a hug?