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People need to keep planet Earth clean. This book explores the problem of air pollution caused by cars. It describes new kinds of cars and fuels that help reduce air pollution and suggests simple, everyday ways to help to clear the air.

The Lorax Unit - a complete unit for Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. Also includes a unit for Earth Day.

This FREE product is designed to help you understand the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for physical science – both middle school and high school. These standards, and the details behind them, have been re-organized in this product to be easier to read, understand, and implement in your classroom. Enjoy this teacher-friendly breakdown - By: It's Not Rocket Science

Science Station Lab Bundle - Differentiated Science Labs

68 Differentiated Science Station Labs - Take your students to the next level. Allow them to lead their own learning through these plug and play station labs covering concepts from space, energy, chemistry, ecosystems, structure of life, earth science, force and motion, and weather. Each lab has 8 different station that will address the learning styles of every student in your classroom. Simply print them out and let you students begin to learn science with this highly engaging format.

Greenhouse Effect Diagram

Worksheets: Greenhouse Effect Diagram

{FREE!} New Year's Activity Book - perfect way to ring in the new year with your kiddos!

NOVA | Population Ecology - Students use an online interactive to explore what happens to one forest ecosystem when a resource pulse occurs.

Free Lesson Plan Book

Awesome Free Lesson Plan Book