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65 ideas on losing weight and staying healthy. some really good tips on here.

from Shape Magazine

The Best Abs Exercises of All Time

this looks easy, but oh man, after holding for 30 seconds, you feel like death.

from POPSUGAR Fitness


Rear Raiser: Works: Butt, Lower Back, Abs, Hamstrings Start in a plank with forearms on ball, hands clasped. Slowly lift right leg as high as you can (as shown). Lower leg, then repeat on opposite side for 1 rep. Do 12 reps. Source: Larsen & Talbert

from Sweet Pea

Fitness Friday :: Tone Your Gut

tone your gut- Everytime I use a work out ball I end up laying on it on my stomach and pretending I am swimming, but I will try this.

from Skinny Mom

7 Exercise Makeovers to See Quicker Results

Plank Twist for Abs! 7 Makeover Moves to Help you see results faster!

Stability ball excercise diagram

The Fast Lower-Ab Workout|Yes, these muscles are tricky to target, but toning them pays off—and not just in swimsuit weather..