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Sebby says "bring out da wine"

Black Butler, Vol. 2011 The New York Times Best Sellers Manga Graphic Books winner, Yana Toboso

Undertale Charity Art Book Submission by anireal

I like this realistic Toriel. A bunch of Undertale fanart is Manga-ish/Anime-ish which is cool but I feel like the story should be more realistic or cartoon-ey like SU.

Manga: tsubaki chou lonely planet

Tsubaki chou lonely planet I was waiting to them be a canon couple but i really like how they are

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Boku ni Hana no Melancholy 4 Comments - Read Boku ni Hana no Melancholy 4 Manga Scans. Free and No Registration required for Boku ni Hana no Melancholy 4