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geisha-kai: “ September 2014: maiko Umechie as a host of a tea ceremony by Saito0923 on Flickr She prepared the green powder tea - matcha in the Ryurei way. ”

Darari obi of okiya Odamoto (Gion Kobu)

Scan D3. Scans from book: 300 years of Japanese women’s appearance, kimono, kanzashi etc. ISBN4-87940-541-8.  Both the heavily-embroidered kosode (early kimono) and obi date to the first half of the 19th century.  Scans by Lumikettu of Flickr

geisha-licious: maiko Ryouka by MASA PHOTOS on Flickr

2016 maiko Fumiyoshi wearing a lavender hikizuri and nanoha kanzashi

Uchikake Late 19th Century to Early 20th Century Japan MFA