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be grateful. Slow down. Enjoy life. . . . . #teaandseasons #momentsofmine #sunday_sundries #flatlaytoday #flatlayforever #simpleandstill #meandmyeverydayvibes #itsastill_life #softdreamyphotography #tv_flowers #styleonmytable #cupsinframe #beautyyouseek #tv_stilllife

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Fun Feeder Slow Feeder Dog Bowl - Purple Flower


Imagine Silver & Mint Cuff

Its time to slow down and smell the flowers 🌸 // Maja Malnar

DAN SPEED Slow Feed Puzzle Dog Bowl (Flower Purple)

Plume Cockscomb (celosia plumosa): Your flower is an annual known as plume cockscomb, whose flame-shaped or wavy-shaped flowers are available typically in pink, red, yellow, or orange. Needs full sun and moderate water outdoors and fertilize with a slow-release or organic food formulated for blooming annuals.

Wishbone Flower (torenia fournieri): Your lovely flowering plant is likely a wishbone flower, Torenia hybrid, an annual that blooms from summer to autumn with flower stamens that form a wishbone shape. Grows best in full sun to part shade with regular moisture. Feed with a slow-release or organic fertilizer formulated for blooming plants.