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Definition of My Dog Personalized Pillow

This is such a great gift idea for any pet or pet lover! It's the "Definition of My Dog" Throw Pillow - You can choose from a bunch of different colors and dog graphics, and add 3 "definitions" that best describe your pet's personality! LOVE this!

5 Best Pet Tracking Systems - Reviews and Recommendations

If you lose your pet, a pet tracker can help you find your pet and possibly save your pet's life. There are powerful systems that come with a hefty price tag, but there are also less expensive trackers on the market too that work pretty well; it all depends on your needs. Here are five of the best rated and reviewed trackers on the market... ... see more at ... The FUN site for Animal Lovers

5+ Best Cat Litter Mats That Prevent The Spread Of Cat Litter

Finding used cat litter all over the house is disgusting. That's why cat owners search for a litter mat that will attract litter off their cat's feet like a magnet the second he leaves his litter box. Is there such a perfect litter mat? Here are five that come pretty close... see more at ... The FUN site for Animal Lovers

Cute chubby little kitty painting with kitten painting a cat on the misty window. Please also visit for more colorful art you might like to pin or purchase or for painting ideas for your own paintings. Thanks for looking!