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from Run To Radiance

DIY Glitter Pumpkins - an easy diy project perfect for fall

LOVE these diy glitter pumpkins! These are so cute and seriously the easiest craft I've made in a long time. So excited for fall!

Made by Tracy Sutton - I've been crafting since I was 11 years old. This time celebrating my 45th birthday at Peterborough at the Crafting Live. Mum and I craft together and share our stash.

So if you watched my story you know I've come to the realization that I have a large head. Not like an ego but literally just large. So that made today kinda suck . On the bright side I got all of Finn's party stuff bought and lots of the crafts made. Also the craigslisted fireplace is mostly done and in place wahoo. So large cranium aside... a good day. that pumpkin is my version of a big head emoji go with it.

Ten monster creations I've made recently! . how to make your own #crafts follow @cutephonecases

from The Craft Train

Braided Yarn Dolls

You may have made yarn dolls before, or remember having them made for you as a child. It’s something that I’ve pulled out of my memory vault of crafts I’ve made as a kid, but&nbsp…

I thought it might also be nice to share some of the crafts that I've made and sold at the Christmas craft fairs I participate in every year...

Simple paper castle to decorate. I've made this one to play with my kids. Old craft are always the best #lamaisondeloulou #marrylor #craft #kidscrafts #kidscrafts101 #papercut #handdesign #handmade #oldcraftfromme

A whole lineup of tiny acorn ornaments I've made. I hollowed out acorn bodies and glued in tiny mushrooms I made out of wool. Crafts for squirrels.