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Traditionalists contend that the Sun Salutation sequence is at least 2,500 years old and it originated during Vedic times as a ritual prostration to the dawn, replete with mantras, offerings of flowers and rice, and libations of water. Read more about it. Do more of it at Sushumna Yoga retreats or Yoga Teacher Training.

Let the trees be your breath Let the grassy fields embrace you Let the mountains and the Seas remind you Let the dawn sky flood in and allow the clouds to guide you And when the living world has merged with you, May you finally know yourself truly alive, reborn into wholeness Natural, Sacred and Wild ... ~ Shikoba #yoga #yogainspiration #deviyogaforwomen

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Rise With the Asana Yoga Mat

Rise With the Asana Yoga Mat. Drink up the dawns healing rays as you glide through poses atop this ivory yoga mat. #multi #modcloth

to be Grateful is to deeply appreciate something you really are happy to have or experience that you didn't ask for <3

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How to Remove Oil Stains or Grease Stains from Clothes

1. Spray oil stains with wd-40. 2. Pile on baking soda and scrub with tooth brush. 3. Repeat (2.) until baking soda no longer clumps. 4. Apply Dawn and scrub with tooth brush; leave in as a prewash treatment. 5. Launder normally.