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Composting with a PVC worm tube - put in food scraps and the 4' area around the tube will be fertilized! I need 3 of these to cover the area of our garden next year. :)

Rolling in the Deep. The Titanic would have been a very different film if the ship had a Roll Tube. The device is a pretty inconspicuous looking contraption that holds multiple hydrophobic foam boards that expand and inflate on contact with water. Ideal for when many lives need to be saved. All you have to do is pull out the foam boards and throw them in the water. The moment they touch water, they puff up and become highly effective flotation devices.

rainbow neon wedding backdrop with bright bold flowers

Jennifer Hawkins and sass and bide- perfect combination

{Jennifer Zeuner Evil Eye & Hamsa Lariat Necklace - Bergdorf Goodman}

This piece is perfect for all outfits and occasions. It's light weight which makes it ideal for wearing all day long. The piece is woven in a light weight open weave, and then is braided on one end and adorened with golden tubes to make this piece a combination of a scarf and piece of jewelry. MEMBER - AmberKane

from Lovely Indeed

diy bud vase

Copper Bud Vase. Maybe not this one specifically but it would be cute to have a hanging vase this small for a single flower or 2 to always have around. add a small touch of life to the home