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The Israelites  were required by law to do this as a whole nation,once yearly its called YOM KIPPUR the day of atonement .


Today I have been directed to fast. Yes, God has been telling me that for quite a long time. I know He wants me to for a couple of reasons - some chains can only be broken with prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting.


Happy Fathers Day Poems Are you looking for the “Happy Father’s Day Poems”? We have published the awesome fathers day

I Don't Care If You Don't CrossFit - A message from a #CrossFit lover saying that any #fitness is good fitness - via ifailedfran.com

I Don’t Care If You Don’t CrossFit. Find fitness anyway you please. Just don't bash Crossfit until you've seriously tried it.

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by Robert M. Drake Beautiful chaos pre-orders are now available through my etsy. The link is on my bio. Official release date Pre-orders will receive it sooner. 181 pages.