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Benjen Stark

Game of Thrones: Benjen Stark, Brother of Lord Eddard Stark and Sworn Brother and Ranger of The Night's Watch,

"The truth is that there are a lot of people like you, us, with strange hobbies or talents or gifts and we try to hide it because we're afraid that it makes us seem weird or it will turn people off, but that's a mistake. What makes me unique has brought every person I love into my life." - Pushing Daisies (2007)

Eddard Stark: Is that what you tell yourself at night? You're a servant of justice? That you were avenging my father when you shoved your sword in Aerys Targaryen's back?

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* Janos Slynt. He's almost unrecognizable, all armored up, but this is the notorious coward of the Night's Watch, who hid during the great battle at the Wall, and defied Lord Commander Jon Snow and was promptly executed. Jon didn't know it, but he was getting some revenge, because Janos betrayed Ned Stark, which led to his death at the hands of Joffrey. So twisty and complicated.

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