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Did you know that October 30th is National Candy Corn Day!?!I'd love to help you celebrate by using this freebie in your classroom!Included are 4 different Candy Corn Story Elements to help your students think about a book they have read (or you have read together in class).

Elements of Art Review Project, for the beginning of a semester. Maybe an end of…

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HandSketched Vector Elements Pack

Hand Drawn Vector Elements and Logo templates - Purchase at Creative Market

Lines: can be used for various Mart and Art activities. Part of the Elements of Design in the Ontario Visual Arts Curriculum is knowledge and use of line. Thank you, for the idea of the Anchor Chart!

Story Elements: Characters; Setting; Plot ...

Atoms, elements, molecules, and compound molecules for 5th grade science. Use circle color coding labels to make molecule diagrams.

Abstract Symmetry- terms: symmetry,stencil, organic,geometric, warm colors, cool colors, color mixing (techniques)