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30+ Mystical Bridges That Will Take You To Another World

"BaW.. O desconhecido é tão motivador." Pois quanto mais conheço, mais sei que…

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Inspirational Photographs

(elderly people in love beautiful black white photography)

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Which Element Is Your Personality According To The Shapes You See?

Asymmetry: This picture shows Asymmetry in the way the lines in the back of the cup all go one certain way. But inside the glass there's a similar pattern but not quite the same. This picture also shows Unclutter and color black and white.

Still Standing Gorgeous use of lines and shadows is what makes this a visually appealing photo.

Image by Nick Knight. I like the organisation of this image because the material is being pressed onto the subject creating light structured shadows. The high contrast in the background is bringing out the shape of the subject creating boldness by hiding its identity. The black and white are blending together creating light and dark grey tones to add a mixture into the image.

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Inspiración: Doble Exposición en Photoshop

"Working with the Shadow is not working with evil, per se. It is working toward the possibility of greater wholeness. We will never experience healing until we can come to love our unlovable places, for they, too, ask love of us." James Hollis (☆ By Antonio Mora ☆)

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Old couples know the ways of love.

The Art of Holding Hands Forever: Pictures of Elderly Couples in Love. This is the promise Josh and I made to one another, we're playing for keeps.

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Quick Kitchen Organizing Ideas

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Photography lesson: Tips for mastering black and white photography

Brought to you by Olympus OM-D E-M10. Hello you photo-taker! Each month of this year I’ll be sharing tips and tricks for photography techniques. If you’re playing along with photo a day, you’ll notice that each month I’ll include a photography prompt. This prompt is included so it can help us stretch and grow and... Read More »