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religious freedom doesn't mean you can force others to live by your beliefs

Must say I am proud of the Republicans that are seeing with their own eyes & hearing with their own ears, what an extremist, hateful, hypocritical, greedy, dishonest, war mongering group the GOP is now & is heading even further in that direction. #JoinTheRevolution, #VoteBlue, #BernieSandersForPresident.

Attacking the rich is not envy, it is self defense. The hoarding of wealth is the cause of poverty. The rich aren't just indifferent to poverty, they create and maintain it.

Trump will tell you he will fix America when people like him are the ones who made the mess.

How to tell if a Republican is "pro-life" or just anti-women: ask them to raise taxes to feed hungry babies.

Democrats built that. All that. AND often with support from Republicans.

Regulation is not about taking guns away - it's about making sure only responsible citizens can legally own them!

Liberal J.J. - But not a LIBERAL politically in Australia as this is the name of the Conservative Party ! Go figure- they really need a name change !