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A beautiful cross stitch that my mum has done for me ... it is so fine it actually looks like a painting ... she is very clever

One of my favourite colours ... it made me smile

Not everything needs to make sense to others as to why i am grateful ... but these 2 things, a chopping board and an extension cable represent the fact that something nice was done for me ... thank you handsome boy

There is beauty everywhere I look ... even on the sidewalk on my morning walk ... Thank you

Friday drinks with my girls ... got to be grateful for that x

My nephews entry on the monthly planner "esey scince progect" For anyone not fluent in 9 year old speak, that actually reads "easy science project"

Beautiful kookaburra at kingscliffe ... he wasn't a big fan of bread though much to dannis dismay

Beautiful oriel park

Beautiful bees with blue stripey bottoms ... how cute are they

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