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Death of a gladiator.  1773. Jean Simon Berthelemy. French. 1743-1811.

Portrait of a Boy, Egyptian, Roman period, c. 2nd century AD

Madonna and Child with Saints, c.1520, Giralamo dai Libri; the dead tree and laurel tree signify death and resurrection, and the peacock is a symbol of immortality; the saints are depicted with their symbolic attributes. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Attributed to Hans Memling Young woman in a conical hennin with black velvet lappets or brim and a sheer veil, from the Allegory of True Love, 1485–90.

Handcrafted Soapstone 'Night Hunter' Sculpture (India)

Statue of an Athlete. Stadio dei Marmi. Rome.

Mosaic depicting a gladiators fight. The House of the Gladiators, Kourion, Cyprus.

Smiling Gladiator with Trident. 19th. century. Stefan Bakalowicz. Polish. 1857-1947. oil on canvas.


Hippo Sculpture

Ms. Helen Sitting Hippo Sculpture Kathy Kuo Home

Roman gladiators fight to the death in an amphitheater in this etching.