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Society makes so much of what happens to us our fault. as a result, our automatic response is to think it is our fault. We need to change ourselves and our innate tendency to "take the blame".

Feminist quote print- feminism is the radical notion that women are people digital art print - 5x7 print

Feminism is about fighting for the women's equality, not superiority. It challenges moral, political, scientific claims, and social norms of women. There are many kinds of feminism, but I find myself to be a mixture of them all.

A Sense Of Priorities

The decline of civilization? Or simple realignment of what culture deems important?

Something Every Parent Should Remember

do not raise your children the way parents raised you, they were born on a different time

When Education Is More Important Than Anything Else

Hello today. Today we will give the ideas about online nursing degrees course and Nursing duties, responsibilities and career options. The registered nurses are required to complete their minimum education and obtain license to work in nursing capacity.